Free Youth Football Plays – Blitz Defense

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Free youth football plays can be hard to find, but we’ve created two blitz defense plays that you can start using today! A highly effective defensive strategy, the blitz can be difficult for young players to master, so coaches should spend plenty of time during practice on defensive basics that will help them get stronger and faster.

3 Man Blitz

In this play, the defense lines up in a 5-3 stance, with two defensive ends, two tackles, and a nose guard at the line of scrimmage and three linebackers behind them. The weak side linebacker shoots forward between the tackle and the tight end.

The middle linebacker blitzes between the nose guard and the tackle, meaning that we have two defenders coming at the quarterback from the same side. The final blitzer is the weak side corner, who is also coming from the same side as the middle linebacker and the weak side linebacker.

The corner blitzes immediately, and the safety moves up to replace him. The strong side corner moves into the middle to replace the safety. This play is especially effective because three defenders are all trying to get to the quarterback, without leaving holes for receivers to squeeze through.

Up the Middle Blitz

In this play, the nose guard has to react quickly, moving to the weak side as soon as the play begins. This opens up a hole for the middle linebacker to blitz on the strong side. Because the middle linebacker is no longer there, more pressure is put on the safety to play closer to the line than usual.

To help, the right and left linebackers have to help protect the middle while they protect their respective sides. To aid the linebackers, the corners cover a larger area, working to protect against both a pass and a run.โหลดบาคาร่าออนไลน์

Training for the Blitz

There are two main qualities a team needs to have in order to succeed at a blitz defense – speed and unity. Without speed, the defenders don’t react quickly enough to put pressure on the quarterback. Players must be ready to charge forward as soon as the ball is snapped.

Additionally, team unity is required for a blitz to be successful. By unity, we mean the team’s ability to move as one, to the correct places. A blitz only works if the correct holes are created for the defender to move through. If he and his team are not in sync, they will slow things down long enough for the quarterback to complete his play.

Coaches should be mindful that having the right plays isn’t the only thing necessary for a successful blitz defense, but with practice and team building exercises, any youth football program can develop basic blitzing capabilities.



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